Web Profiles
by Joe Farace

"Shutterbug reader Bob Strupat's splash page provides access to his bookstore that contains self-published books
of his remarkable landscape photography, including a preview that lets you flip through each book's pages.
The screen's left-hand side has an entrance to a modest page showing thumbnails for 15 galleries.
Because of the large number of galleries and images, picking a place to start is a challenge. I began with Yosemite
because I've never been there and have "seen all the pictures" but never saw the park photographed the way Strupat has
done it. Although captured in a classic style, Strupat is the kind of landscape photographer who waits for the light and then,
and only then, does he make an exposure. Because his views were so fresh, some of them surprised (and delighted) me
while others were more comfortable, yet still displayed the viewpoint of a gifted craftsman at home with his medium.
"Niagara Falls is a place that I have visited and it's been photographed to death, yet Strupat tossed the clichés out the
window, re-imagines others (a frozen falls captured in the snow) while creating compelling images of this wonder of nature.
Bob Strupat gets real small with his flower images in Bloom!, from the ordinary to the extraordinary, but they are always
worth a click. Check the Info button at the top of the screen for a little information, but just a bit, as with his
passionflower image where he lets the photograph speak for itself.
Take your time looking at the images on display and prepare to enjoy yourself while appreciating the work of a
talented photographer who's wrapped these sensational images up in a quiet, unassuming package."
Shutterbug Magazine, July, 2013

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