Fine Art Photography by Bob Strupat   ~   Photo Series    TORONTO SKYLINE

Toronto Skyline

5727-14-10x8  Sailing in the Outer Harbour 5215-8-07-10x8  Sunrise from Humber Bay 0983-07-10x8  Winter, Rikverdale Park 4848-09-10x8  Twilight, Riverdale Park 3648-08G10x8  Under Cover of Night 2610-12-10x8  Misty Morning on Humber Bay
7699-06-10x8  Toronto Mirage 7229-14-10x8  Windy Day in Outer Harbour 3617-07-10x8  Canada Geese Go To Town 2049-12-10x8  Clearning Storm 9122-12B-10x8  Night Ferry to Centre Island 2218-08-10x8  Windy Night in the Harbour
3542-09-10x8  RCYC Ferry Kwasind 4066-10-10x8  Big Sky 4168-09-10x8  Urbanity 5187-07-10x8  Reflectioins across Humber Bay 6206-07-10x8  Sunrise over Humber Bay 2040-12-10x8  Ominous Sky
4173-6-09-10x8  Pastel Skyline 6223-07-10x8  Super Hero Skyline