Fine Art Photography by Bob Strupat   ~   Photo Album    CANADIAN NATIONAL EXHIBITION

Toronto CNE

SweetSpot-7015-10  Sweet Spot WaveRider-1854-08  Wave Rider MegaDrop-5048-09  Mega Drop Chains-5368-09  Chains Ferris-1893-08  Ferris Wheel Ferris-4056-12-10x8  Stylized Ferris Wheel
Ferris-7055-10  The look of the Midway FireBall-5190-09  The Fire Ball FireBall-9551-13  The Fire Ball Midway-3900-12  The Midway and CN Tower Spin-3790-12  Spinner ZipLine-9601-13-A1  Zip Line composite
Midway-7226-12  The Midway Sign-9767-13-A1  The Midway Games-9714-13  Games people play Prizes-3913-12  The Prize Midway-9746-13  The Midway SweetSpot-9713-13-G  Sweet Spot