Fine Art Photography by Bob Strupat   ~   Photo Album    SMOKY MOUNTAINS

The Smokies

Sunset-1811-07  Sunset over the Blue Ridge range BlueRidge-1817-07  ...a few minutes later. BlueRidge-6350-07  Spring in the Smoky Mountains. BlueRidge-2557-10  First light in the Smokies. CadesCove-0907-09  A stylized version of Cades Cove in Autumn. Clingman-1592-07  Dawn...and the reason they're called The Smokies.
GrottoFalls-5601-08  A misty morning at Grotto Falls GrottoFalls-5594-08  Grotto Falls. GrottoFalls-5611-08  Mountain stream. Smokies-4275-08  Autumn in the Smokies. Smokies-1114-08  Smokies moonrise. Smokies-2769-10  A clearing storm in the Smoky Mountains.
Smokies--4197-08  A typical autumn scene in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Smokies-1553-07  The view from Clingman's Dome. Stream-6401-12  A mountain stream. Sunrise-6340-12  Sunrise. Valley-1183-07  Valley viewed from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Trees-5531-08  Winter is almost here.