Fine Art Photography by Bob Strupat   ~   Photo Album    NIAGARA FALLS OVERVIEW

Niagara Overview

HelicopterView-0939-11  Helicopter view looking south from the Rainbow Bridge to Horseshoe Falls UpperGorge-0222-11-A1-10x8  Stylized view of the American Falls and Horseshoe Falls in the distance Winter-4170-13-A1-10x8  The American Falls...freezing AmericanFalls-3807-11-10x8  The American Falls lit up on the 4th of July American-3801-11  Luna Rock with Bridalveil Falls to the right Night-3671-11-10x8  The Welcome Centre at Horseshoe Falls on a summer evening
Night-3660-11-10x8  Getting a bit wet from the spray on a hot summer evening Aerocar-7420-11-10x8  The Spanish Aerocar takes visitors for a closeup view of the Whirlpool Basin and the lower gorge Whirlpool-0835-11-10x8  The Whirlpool Basin, also known as Devil's Hole Maid-4022-07-10x8  Maid of the Mist Brinkmanship-7497-11-10x8  Brinkmanship Horseshoe-7215-11  The main attraction on a summer day
HorseshoeFalls-7409-11-10x8  It looks almost...peaceful HorseshoeFalls-7282-11-10x8  Bird's-eye view of the Horseshoe Falls HorseshoeFalls-7246-11-A1-10x8  Dawn after a heavy rain HorseshoeFalls-8214-11-8x10  An edgy view of Horseshoe Falls CliftonHill-1858-11  Clifton Hill Fireworks-3757-11-10x8  Fireworks on a summer weekend
SkylonNight-7767-11-10x8  The Skylon Tower HelicopterView-0916-11-10x8  Helicopter view of the American Falls AmericanFalls-0199-11-10x8  The American Falls on a quiet September morning Horesehoe-7246-11  Sunrise HorseshoeFalls-0055-11-A1-10x8  Journey Behind The Falls observation deck Winter-1036-07-8x10  Attractions are closed, but not the Falls
HorseshoeFalls-5010-11-A1-8x10  Dreamy view HorseshoeFalls-9981-11-A1-10x8  Morning Jetboat-0266-11-A1-10x8  A jetboat shoots the lower rapids Jetboat-1057-11G-A1-10x8  You don't mind getting wet, do you? 1812-4891-11  War of 1812 re-enactment, Fort Niagara, Youngstown, New York 1812-h-0780-11  War of 1812 re-enactment, Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario
Soaker-7166-09-10x8  Getting up close Terrapin-5337-11-8x10  Terrapin Point, the eastern edge of Horseshoe Falls Winter-1029-06-10x8  The American Falls in the heart of winter Winter-1055-07-10x8  Horseshoe Falls with a coating of spray MarineLand-4934-09  Marineland, a popular nearby attraction WellandCanal-0618-06  The Welland Canal -- how ships get around the Falls