Fine Art Photography by Bob Strupat   ~   Photo Album    HORSESHOE FALLS

Horseshoe Falls

HorseshoeFalls-9979-11  Horseshoe Falls morning. HorseshoeFallsArt-1291-16  An artistic view of Horseshoe Falls. TableRock-2918-11  Table Rock welcome centre. HoreseshoeFalls-0926-11  Horseshoe Falls view from a helicopter. Brink-7270-11  Into the abyss. HorseshoeFalls-0339-06  At the brink.
HorseshoeFalls-0885-11  Horseshoe Falls view from a helicopter. HorseshoeFalls-1055-07  Horseshoe Falls in winter. HorseshoeFalls-1184-07  Ice from Lake Erie. HorseshoeFalls-1075-16  Journey behind the falls. HorseshoeFalls-7166-11  Sunrise at Horseshoe Falls. HorseshoeFalls-7184-11
TerrapinPoint-1262-16 TableRock-3659-11 TableRock-3660-11 TerrapinPoint-1200-16 TerrapinPoint-4180-13 TerrapinPoint-7624-11