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Birds As Art

BrownPelican-0145-12B-A1  Brown Pelicans flying in formation AmericanAvocet-3372 12  American Avocets feeding at sunrise AmericanGoldfinch-1507-12  American Goldfinch in breeding plumage Grackles-2902-13  A pair of Common Grackles Godwits-0755-13  Godwits and mangrove GreatEgret-5999-08  Great Egret preening in the afternoon sun
GreatBlueHeron-1994-10  Great Blue Heron in flight GreatHornedOwl-3987-06  Great Horned Owl looking down on all of us HoodedMerganser-9224-06  Hooded Merganser and reflections Merganser-9624-05  Hooded Merganser in late  afternoon Anhinga-2057-13G  Anhinga drying its wings NorthernPintail-2058-09  Northern Pintail and mangrove
NorthernPintail-9351-12  Northern Pintail portrait Wigeons-4338-10  American Wigeons and some pintails resting RedBelliedWoodpecker-9629  Red-Bellied Woodpecker in the morning light ReddishEgret-1602-11  Reddish Egret fishing SnowyEgret-8202-10  Snowy Egret on a windy day BeltedKingfisher-8466-11  Belted Kingfisher posing
EgretS-1991-13  Snowy Egret in the wetlands TricoloredHeron-6463-06  Immature Tri-colored Heron waiting for food Avocets-9403-12  American Avocets fishing EgretS-1786-13  Snowy Egret at the end of dayh BBWhistling-7643-13  Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks in flight WhiteIbis-2158-05  White Ibis feeding at the shoreline